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Happy Sunday, everybody! It’s time for this week’s … comment of the week!

“Uh-oh, some man with facial hair thinks he can build a shopping mall somewhere near the Lost Forest again. I just hope his jaw insurance is all paid up.” –Trilobite

And the runners up also brought the funny:

“I’d have to say that eatin’ shitloads of greasy stuff is the most endearing Patterson family trait I’ve ever been privy to.” –Keg of Curd

Shoe brings up an interesting point — namely, is jumping off a tree an effective method of suicide for a bird? What if that bird was morbidly obese and drunk?” –Electro

“That third panel is hysterical. Sam’s moving in for a relatively chaste peck on the cheek, and Mark is all tensed up with that wooden smile frozen on his face as though he’s thinking to himself, ‘Oh, no! The human female is preparing to initiate physical contact, which will only confuse and repulse me!'” –Paperback Rifler

“If the Shocker would only change his name to what he really is — the Golden Sausage Golem — he would get a lot more attention and respect. And maybe even a lucrative PR job at Hickory Farms.” –Squawk

“Dr. Drew continues to wrangle for every man’s dream: a threesome with a reserved and withdrawn workaholic with brother issues and a horse-crazy college student with a developmental age of 11. Godspeed.” –Nothing But Neck Scarves

“Hey everybody! Did you know the Shocker is a sex act? Oh yeah! It’s when Rex and June do it!” –Trotzenbonnie

“Josh can use Margo’s likeness on merch because Margo is ‘public domain.’ *rimshot*” –Red Greenback

“Next week: The Shocker sits around and draws pictures of himself standing with fists raised, captioned ‘The SHOCKER!’, while insistently humming ‘Something’s Coming’ from West Side Story.” –Old Man Muffaroo

“My first impression was that Elegant House Fine Dining had suspended some kind of huge lead ball outside their door, presumably to drop on customers who order hamburgers. (‘I do beg your pardon. We seem to have crushed your son beneath our conveniently located wrecking ball. If the large-headed young gentleman still desires his “ham burger”, he would be advised to take his custom next door to Shit Barn Food Trough.’) But it might be some sort of circular swinging blade. The artwork leaves this open to interpretation.” –Old Bean

“My name is Lisa — feel my pain!/ I’ll shortly die and moulder/ The Baron’s chip is in his brain/ I wear mine on my shoulder.” –Uncle Lumpy

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