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They’ll Do It Every Time, 12/1/07

Boy, hat’s off to Brentwood’s Ann and Frank for showing off the sad, empty core of their marriage for our amusement. Panel one is particularly poignant, as we see the song of melancholy running through Ann’s head as she gazes longingly at her uninterested husband. You’d think she’d arrange the furniture so her TV watching spouse wasn’t directly visible from her cold marital bed, if only so the noise wouldn’t keep her awake, but apparently she thinks that watching him drink beer and doze off to cowboy movies is better than not seeing him at all. By the time panel two and the Internet age arrive, however, she’s clearly gone from the “depression” to “anger” stage in mourning the death of the passion between her and Frank, if that clenched fist is any indication. An unsuspecting hubby is about to get cold-cocked in the back of the head just as he composes his latest masterpiece for the John Wayne Fans message board.

Marmaduke, 12/1/07

Marmaduke likes to ritually humiliate new dog catchers in public before killing and eating them.