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I round out a day of multiposting blogging with the long-awaited comment of the week! This time with crucial formatting!

“I see that Judge Parker has made the artistic decision to tell us the thrilling tale of Steve’s war injury with people sitting in coffee shops and offices. If only there was more effective way to picture the event that no doubt earned Steve a Purple Heart. That immediacy could really draw the reader in.” –Master Mahan

And the runners-up (ever-hilarious):

“Dr. Drew may be a skilled young doctor and dashing playboy, but his internal monologues are strictly third-rate Mills & Boon. I can picture him standing over a patient in the operating room and thinking, ‘He has a broken heart … JUST LIKE ME!’, complete with his trademarked arm flaps. Next stop: the Santa Royale Institute for the Criminally Melodramatic.” –Mooncattie

“An ‘official’ prison break. Thank goodness. Those guys could’ve been sanctioned by the APBA.” –Weaselboy

“The Marmaduke family lives in a house with a door and a corner. And nothing else.” –Cody

“Of course Barfy is dead. You see that smile? That’s the unmistakable bliss of escaping those violent religious cretins for good. No living thing in the Keane Compound smiles like that unless it’s part of the regime.” –avatarjk137

Sciatica jokes are crap. Now, gout humor, that’s where the action is.” –Grover Cleveland

“The sheer number of times Margo has been mentioned the past two weeks, juxtaposed with her comparatively small amount of face time and her increasingly dictatorial style, leads me to believe that our Ms. Magee is finally ascending to the level of Big Brother-esque tyrannical ubiquity to which she’s been aspiring for so long. One can only hope the strip continues to parallel 1984 in other ways and Tommie’s face is eaten off by rats.” –Tats

Mary Worth: I got to give the old bag her props. She knows that ‘closure’ is a word that means ‘I’m going to rub your face in it until you whimper.’ Vera got her revenge. Drew is totally closured.” –Gabacho

“A date with Mary and Jeff: Sit. Stare at nothing in particular. Sit some more. Have some coffee. Fart on couch. Stare some more. Keep sitting. Hope someone in distress comes through the door so Madame Worth can do what she does best and break the tedium.” –Calico

“For a minute, I actually felt bad for Marvin, having to sit there between two old men griping about how the world isn’t the way it was when they were young, too small and weak to even walk away. But then I remembered that this is Marvin, and Marvin, and he always deserves it.” –Mac

“Have you ever thought about what it would look like if you ate straight out of the mixed Jelly Belly bin at the candy store until satisfaction passed through satiation and gave way to oversaturation and ultimately, inevitably, disrumination? You haven’t? It would look like that fucking shirt.” –One-eyed Wolfdog

“Drew, skiing in St. Moritz or sailing in the Caribbean sound fun. Incredibly fun! Which is why I couldn’t possibly let you do either one of them. Human enjoyment is anathema to me!” –BigTed

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