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Let’s wrap up our Monday-night catch-up blogging with the comment of the week!

“Wow, winning the game on a last-second 25-foot shot will be a nice memory next year as Summer lies on her deathbed.” –rhymes with puck

And the runners-up

“I think hating Deanna is overkill. Life already hates Deanna. She’s married to Michael and has two irredeemable brats/poop machines. That’s certainly punishment enough.” –Gagott68

“Yes, Toby, things are not always as they seem. For example, I appear to have my sensible salmon-colored blazer zipped up to my neck, which I have wrapped in a lovely coordinating ascot, but–voila!–presto-chango, as you can see, my blazer has lapels, and doesn’t even have a zipper! How does she do it, you ask? I’ll never tell, ha-ha! I am Mary Worth, woman of mystery!” –Pepperoni Détournées (formerly Herro!)

“By the time Mary Worth actually gets around to this flashback, it’ll be a flashback to the beginning of this flashback intro.” –monsieurjohn

“In my pharmacology class, we’re studying cardiac drugs. Every time I read the word ‘aldosterone’ I cry a little.” –Loopina

“What excellent, precise grammar Anthony is using today. Whomever, whom. It somehow makes me want to punch him more. The boy’s got no dangling participles at all.” –Isua

“Mary, you seem so changeless! Like you’ve always been 60 years old, humorless, and ready to meddle. I can’t picture you laughing, loving, or having fun in any way!” –Mountain Mama

“After cancer, it’s debilitating injury time! Definitely an upper, what with all the painkillers involved.” –Niall

Re: “I’m probably not going to hear the end of this”: “I should say not, considering you just slipped on your eighty-year-old ass in the middle of an icy walkway in the dead of night without anyone else in sight to rush to your aide and with you surely being too delicate and feeble to get yourself up. Indeed, it seems doubtful that you’ll even get to hear the beginning of it.” –BenG

“Seriously, I think her life today is more depressing than her childhood could have ever been: living alone in her apartment that smells of stale casserole and despair, loathing all of humanity, maintaining a phony and completely joyless ‘relationship’ with Dr. Jeff, having to hang out with Toby and Ian, unable to commit to even having a pet … I’m just saying, no one would blame Mary if she started taking nips off of the cooking sherry at 6:30 in the morning.” –Trilobite

“I think you are overestimating Toby’s boredom listening to Mary drone on. This is a woman who is married to Chinbeard, after all. Dealing with monumental boredom is a cherished aspect of her life.” –rhymes with puck

If the proposal is any indication, the wedding video could be marketed as the best sleep aid ever.” –Farley’s Revenge

Luann: In the March 13 installment, we find out the fire cap’n is gay. This is the most exciting thing to happen in Luann ever! It’s the ONLY thing to happen in Luann ever!” –Lisa (not the dead one)

Spider-man: Drive on, Persuader! Follow the signs marked ‘Plot.'” –Inspector Dim

In all her excitement, Liz is forgetting that she’s supposed to wait until AFTER she’s impregnated to devour her mate.” –cheech wizard

“They’re not kissing each other. They’re hugging chastely. On the other hand, if they did kiss each other, I’d have to tear the brooch off the corpse of my mother and blind myself with it. So all in all I’m pretty happy with the way it’s turning out.” –Kate

“Wait, I’m confused. Is Rex’s daughter supposed to be pre-kindergarten? If so, why does she appear to be about 27 years old in panel two? And in panel three it looks as though Rex is trying to figure out the same thing.” –Electro

“It’s never too early to start filling a tiny child with anxiety about his cholesterol level. Hope you don’t like ice cream, kid!” –BigTed

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