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As Monday draws to a close, why not kick back and relax with this week’s top comment?

“I think my favorite thing about the last two MT strips has been the incessant apologizing. ‘Oh, I’m so SORRY that I have to kick your door down.’ ‘No, I’M sorry that you had to break into my house.’ ‘Oh, no, I’M sorry that I have to punch you in the face.’ I would say that they’re being ironic. But in a world where little girls can catch illness of the puppy, I just don’t believe that irony has been invented yet.” –A New Day

And then pour down some icy cold COTW runners-up?

“I think it’s hilarious that the hopeless degenerate Haley’s idea of drug-fueled mayhem is the absurdly wholesome suggestion to ‘go look at the art.’ It’s clear why Alan is so outraged; he’s all, ‘No, let’s go to the nursing home and read to visually impaired seniors!'” –Violet

“I also like the fact that, in addition to them not using drug lingo or real drug paraphernalia, neither one of them appears to actually be high.” –20 Miles From the City

“Hey, Mark? Ever hear of a little something called a ‘search warrant’? Or ‘home invasion’? Or ‘knocking’?” –The Spectacular Spider-Brick

“‘I’m sure you did a great job, Mary — as always!’ = ‘Will you please shut the fuck up about this?'” –cheech wizard

“What intrigues me is how polite Mark is. It’s like he’s the Amy Vanderbilt of tough guys. He certainly has her ankles.” –gh

“Before we dismiss the lackluster denounment of the pot-dealing neighbors, remember the wonderful arc of strips with Abbey and the yellow room — the only instance in which paint drying wasn’t just exciting, but erotic.” –Little Guy

Blood Cargo really is a great title, though. It’s the only thing in this strip that remotely has any life to it. Or possibly ravenous zombie pirate un-life.” –SFMarcus

“Am I the only one that thinks that Ruby might be Lu Ann’s real mother? Am I the only one that cares? No, wait. I don’t care either.” –mafketis

“Whoever was wondering how Lynn could possibly continue greasing the plot wheels, look no further than the oil reserve trapped in Weed’s hair. That boy’s scalp looks like the Middle East. And I’m not just saying that because I dream of him and Michael getting hit with a missile, although, wink.” –RaJ

“I don’t know if that puppy is housebroken, but Mark had better be sure that he’s shirtbroken.” –Tom Bombadil

“Oh, Jeff. Do NOT get between the woman and her meddling. It’ll be like those bear attack videos when some dumb camper thinks it would be cute to hug a bear cub. I smell a mauling in the wind … a mauling of sensible advice, that is.” –rocketbride

“As cartoon Chevalier impersonators go, I still prefer Pepe Le Pew. Sexual harassment notwithstanding, at least he doesn’t have glistening wonky eyes and a sheepish fanged grin that makes him look like he is about to devour your face, but feels bad about it.” –Sharona

“I’m actually reasonably curious to see what becomes of this twist in the Mary Worth storyline. I think that means I’m ready to be euthanized.” –monsieurjohn

As usual on this day of the week, we must give a big sloppy kiss (MWAH!) to everyone who puts a little bit of scratch in the tip jar!

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