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In the U.S., the Peanuts characters are beloved cultural touchstones. They evoke a sense of childhood innocence, to be sure, but they also carry with them the strip’s undercurrent of melancholy, which prevents them from being mere carriers of treacly nostalgia.

In Italy, the Peanuts characters are used to decorate thongs.

Hi, everybody! Jet lag is laying me low at the moment but I did want to stick my head in as promised before the day was out. Let’s give Uncle Lumpy a big hand! My wife and I have been giggling at his fill-in posts for the last little while. New comics posts from me tomorrow. Is Tommie really boasting to Margo about all the action she’s getting? Is Mary Worth’s requirement that her man “like seafood” as filthy as I think it is? I can’t wait to catch up!