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I don’t have the usual pleas for you to buy crap pre-COTW this week, so we’ll get to the top comment after only some quick links:

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And now, without further ado, here’s the comment of the week!

“I was initially inclined to regard Toby’s reply of ‘Not excessively’ to Terry’s inquiry as to whether she used her computer much as one of the most ineffably unnatural and cryptic responses imaginable, but on second thought I guess she could’ve said ‘Twelve,’ ‘Sure they will,’ or ‘I LOVE cornflakes!'” –Violet

And the runners-up!

“My theory is that Jones has been selling him smarties or some other sugar pill. This explains why Alan never seems bedraggled or mussed, why there are no other drug dealers while Jones is away and why Alan’s competence level seems unchanged. The sugar crashes also explain why he sleeps at odd hours. Jones probably thinks this is a clever way to get some very green dough without actually harming Alan, but he will be filled with regret when Alan finally slides into adult onset diabetes.” –Les of the Jungle Patrol

“Kids, this is what smoking crack will do for you — you’ll turn into Alan! Is it worth it to be so boring and blonde and clean?” –crossbuck

“Damn, Crock is heartbreaking today. The chef is clearly depressed at the prospect of having to boil his friend alive. Which explains why he’s slumped, unshaven, and appears to be wearing a noose fashioned out of a napkin. Why he’s wearing a boot on his head makes less sense, until you remember that this is Crock, where where not even the act of grief may be drawn correctly.” –RaJ

“So FINALLY Toby is going to figure out just what the fuck she did wrong. (Well, figure out = having someone explain it to her step by step over many hours.)” –T. Chicana

“A thing happened in a soap opera strip? That’s right, isn’t it? That was a thing, right? Shooting somebody over drugs is a thing?” –captainswift

“Yes Uncle Mark, to pet Sneaky just go ahead and lean against this impossibly small light blue chair placed right in the middle of the room. We chose the model with the 6-inch wide back for extra discomfort!” –mikey

“Herb, I’m going to put you on an exercise program. You’ve already started it by climbing up on my 5’ 6” exam table.” –Patrick

“Another way to look at Ray with the gun (his ‘raygun’ as it were) is to imagine Ray being played by Faye Dunaway. Not Dunaway as Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest but just a bald-headed Faye Dunaway desperate for a part. Contemplate her voice with the ‘Liars — All liars!!!’ and you’ll see that it makes perfect sense.” –Dingo

“I like how Billy imagines himself in the dress. That leads me to believe that he’s not sad about the gift, but at his fat legs.” –Buddy and Hopkins: Music Cartoons

“I just think it’s pretty damn telling that Dolly is alone, all alone except for her psychopath brother, on her birthday.” –NotThatGuy

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