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No fuss, no muss, just the best of the comments:

Spidey, relaxed on valium, awaits his colonoscopy. I’ve been there.” –Rusty

And the runners-up!

“Whatever happened to Mrs. Reeky Rat? Did she leave him all alone after one of his hateful swipes at her during one of his meth binges? Does this explain why Reeky is inexplicably wearing a magenta wig? Is it his own hair, or is it made from the hair of the former Mrs. Reeky Rat, as some bizarre way of remembering the only beautiful thing left in his sorry existence. Slylock really should have focused on this disturbing development, instead of fucking bunnies with no toes.” –misskittyfantastico

“Margo’s face in the third panel gives off the impression that she’s attempting to find a way to market these inner demons and make a good profit. Sadly, because this is A3G, the plot will either take two months or be mentioned exuberantly and then never brought up again.” –Aitherion

“Whether Margo is indignant, annoyed, or massively enraged, her hair always stays perfectly in place. Probably it’s afraid of her.” –Poteet

“Grief has many faces. Men in A3G have but one.” –Hogenmogen

“This [Marmaduke] panel raises an interesting question: Can dogs be put on the National Sex Offender Registry?” –Gold-Digging Nanny

“Why is Lois so happy? Is she drowning Ditto in the sink?” –lorne

Crankshaft, original edition. Panel one: ‘There goes the geese flying south.’ Panel two: ‘My toxic nerve gas must already be pouring out of the sewers.'” –the crock

“So, as much as I can’t get behind the stilted txt spk of the gore ’em-bore ’em robots in DT, could they at least be comprehensibly inane? ‘Cld B Trbl?’ You take out the vowels, but leave in the silent consonants? This is why I hate artificial life and teenagers.” –Sissyphus

“Agh! Sound! My only weakness!” –Isaac

“At least I can relate to Spider-Man in this strip. Not only do I hate clock alarms as well, but if someone fired a clock-shaped gun at me, my first thought would not be the standard, ‘Oh sh*t, he’s shooting at me!’ but the more baffled ‘He fired a clock-shaped gun at me!’ then pause, looooong pause, ‘What an absolute douchebag.’” –teddytoad

“There was a previous Pluggers installment with the caption ‘Plugger happy hour’ showing a dog-man passed out on the couch with a book on his chest, so I imagine that Brookins wrote this one in response to a flood of letters from pluggers angry about the suggestion that they enjoy reading.” –Nyborg

“That perm on Ditto’s friend gets bigger in every panel. If this were a Sunday strip, the final panel would be nothing but hair.” –Jordan

“Wait … Tommie’s dating a lesbian Episcopal minister? When did this happen?” –jayjaybear

“Also, the police will never think of unmasking Spider-Man. Never. Why would they? They already know who he is: he’s Spider-Man. Duh.” –zadig

Also! So many came through swimmingly and hilariously in response to my demand for Taft/T. Roosevelt slash fiction. Picking a top one was deadly difficult; I am partial to this offering from Idols of Mud, mainly because he dared to imagine a Taft/Roosevelt/Wilson three-way in the aftermath of the hotly contested 1912 election.

Though the Teddy Roosevelt and Taft disagreed on many issues, I think it’s clear that they would think those who put some cash in my tip jar are “bully”! And Wilson’s Fourteen Points are strongly backed by all of our advertisers:

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