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Mary Worth, 11/4/08

Awwww, hell yeaaaah, kids! You know when your Mary Worth storyline has arrived? When you start seeing some motherfuckin’ thought balloons, that’s when! Presumably we’ll have days and days and days of Lynn’s cryptic, mopey internal monologue to enjoy. Is a doomed love affair responsible for her lackluster performance on ice? Was her heart wounded by her father, and will she join Vera Shields in the Mary Worth Pantheon Of Unsettling Women Who Talk About An Immediate Family Member In Terms That Seem More Appropriate To A Romantic Relationship? Or does Lynn, much like Jeff “Sackodog” “6-9” Ponczak, have a literal cardiac ailment, which could at any time kill her in mid-competition and leave her body to drop to the ice like a rhinestone-encrusted sack of potatoes?

Herb and Jamaal, 11/4/08

So if the jar labelled “sugar” is full of sugar, then the mug labelled “Herb” is full of … oh, dear lord.

Marmaduke, 11/4/08

“Also, there’s such a thing as being too casual about the dozens of human femurs you have mouldering in your terrifying death-shed.”

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