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Sorry to be a bit behind on the CsOTW this week … and you’ll have to wait a few more moments too because I have a few Items Of Interest to share:

First, faithful reader Gilgameshuggah sent me an old Mad magazine article featuring many classic comics artists … it’s too big to legibly reproduce on the blog, but click here for the full-sized graphic.

Next, thrill to the latest and greatest installment of Protectors of the Earth: Weekend Edition!

And, finally, perhaps you’ll enjoy this article from the Newark Star-Ledger about one young man’s unhealthy obsessions with Slylock Fox.

And now, without further ado … the COMMENT OF THE WEEK!

“‘Fast and easy’ is his motto? Does it appear in Latin on the Confey family crest, with fleurs-de-lis surrounding a stupid little mustache?” –Windier E. Megatons

And the funny runners-up:

“Mary Worth has relatives? I sort of just assumed she was spawned at the creation of the universe to serve as a counterpoint to God.” –Black Drazon

“If I am traveling in India and a 5 year old walks up to me with a 5 foot long cigarette, lights it, sets it on the ground, and proceeds to stare at me with soulless, beady eyes, I can assure you I will be menaced right back to the nearest embassy.” –sak

“Today’s [JP] episode could use one of those helpful narration boxes: Sam and Randy sit on the stairs and chat! Sam is the one on the left!” –Mooncattie

“‘I’ll get on the web and see if I can pin down this bug!’ sez Rex Morgan, M.D, ‘and by web I mean Second Officer Guido Tomas, and by bug I mean his hot sweaty man self, and by pin down well, I mean, pin down. I’m done here. Where’s the web?'” –Bootsy

“The only way to really tell if that is Judge Parker is to keep reading and see how long those three minutes take. My guess is halfway into the Johnson administration.” –Aging Hipster

“Martin seems supremely uncomfortable in that last panel. Should have gone for a better fitting human-suit, man.” –Ben

That can not be Margo’s father. He has no horns, no tail, no glowing eyes, and isn’t covered in the blood of children. I would have accepted any one of those as proof of paternity for Margo, but I won’t accept looking vaguely like Clark Kent and claiming to ‘love’ Margo, because we all know that only Margo is capable of loving Margo.” –Alan’s Addiction

“Could there ever be such a thing as too many tears, if one lived in the Keane household?” –Donald the Anarchist

“And unpop that collar, young lady! I didn’t raise you, but if I had, you can rest assured it would have been with an ounce of fashion se–what? Electric blue suit? I don’t know, some guy in the hallway told me I had to wear this color, or I wouldn’t be allowed to appear in your apartment.” –Lithros

“I know we’re supposed to suspend reality to appreciate the light-hearted humor in the comics, but the stack of wood next to Marmaduke’s doghouse is just too ridiculous. A dog with gastronomical tendencies such as his would obviously heat his house by burning the bones of his human victims.” –The Dead Acorn

“Well, of course they’re going to adopt — Ken has had some problems with his ‘business’. Frustrating problems.” –Mike Kelly

“I see Josh’s relationship with Mark Trail, the strip, going along a similar path as that of Patty and Ken’s. Sure, the strip has abused Josh’s morals through its outdated chauvinist ideas, but pretty soon there’s going to be a day where Mark’s punching a dude with muttonchops as a moose makes a threatening proclamation in the middle panel, and Josh’ll just sniff and quietly mutter ‘Oh Mark — I could never stay mad at you.’ I’m not sure what the baby the two will adopt together is. I’d … I’d rather not go there.” –DigitalGonzo

“I have suffered agonies of shame in the past year or so over the extent to which I have allowed Luann to manipulate my facile curiosity. I have grudgingly permitted myself to speculate on how the children at the library would react to Luann’s slutty witch costume. I have resentfully checked in to witness Toni’s response to Brad’s nudist resort invitation. I am even a little annoyed that I still don’t know whether Elwood actually is a multimillionaire. But today I have found some measure of redemption in the fact that apparently no power of man or god can compel me to give the remotest suggestion of a shit about TJ.” –Violet

“Ken had some problems in his business and he was taking them out on Patty … surely a screaming child swaddled in dirty diapers will becalm him!” –Dagger

“Those of you who want to hold Jack Elrod’s balls to the fire may find some comfort in the knowledge that Mark has beat you to it, in panel 2.” –seismic-2

“There hasn’t been a smirk or pun in Crankshaft in over two weeks … who knew death could be this enjoyable?” –Hammertime

“Because if Margo sees as much as a single olive on her pizza, millions upon millions will die.” –Lolsworth

“I wonder how much of the weirdnesses on the comics page are, like the AGLU3000, shoutouts to some other blog or even less penetrable in-group. Maybe Rusty’s memory card is a sidesplitting in-joke from some usenet forum, and the bizarre dialogue in Mary Worth is all made up of anagrams of conversations on FurryMUCK.” –Aviatrix

A3G’s go-to gag: ‘Ha ha, Tommie’s spirit is broken again!’ Seriously, look how despondent she is. You just want to … well, not give her a hug … or … not … console her slightly, or … you … ha ha, Tommie’s spirit is broken again!” –Dragon of Life

“Oh, by the way, if it weren’t dead already, the word ‘ginormous’ is now officially dead as a slang expression by virtue of being used by an A3G character. Perhaps this strip serves as ginormous’s funeral, which is why Tommie is wearing her ceremonial white Snuggie.” –Joe Blevins

Die Unloved” –One-eyed Wolfdog

“These ‘drawn from life’ characters like Gertie and the cook here creep me out. It’s because I imagine myself dying, then waking up as a character in Gasoline Alley. To avert this horror, I have arranged to be buried alive.” –Uncle Lumpy

“I’m also pretty sure the current Mary Worth no longer qualifies as an ‘unfolding tragedy.’ That Valentino mustache, his horrible cover story, all the clumsy ‘I’m broke’ screw ups … Ted is desperately trying to warn her that he’s about to rob her. Yet Adrian ignores all these obvious calls for help and instead brags about the size of her bank account. Clearly, she’s an enabler. I just hope she has the decency to apologize to Ted when he gets gored by a maddened, vengeful deer in the aftermath.” –Strangefate

“Tommie’s greeting (‘Joe?’) indicates that she is as confused by all the bland lookalike men in her life as we are.” –gnemec

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