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Pluggers, 4/30/09

Look, I of all people know that it can be hard to spin straw into comedy gold day after day, whether that straw be vaguely homoerotic hijinks in Rex Morgan, M.D., or whatever sort of poorly spelled suggestions the Chief Plugger gets via the AOL. Still, I feel like I need to hold this feature to some sort of basic standards. An installment of Pluggers should contain some kind of play on words, or a little conceptual twist, or something; it should not just be a statement of fact. It is true that individuals who fall into the squishily defined “plugger” category are probably more likely to connect to the Internet via dialup modem than the population at large, but that isn’t funny or interesting, even taking this feature’s extremely low bar for “funny or interesting” into account.

Two potential “Pluggers still use dialup” gags that would have been better:

  • “Pluggers still use dialup.” Exact same art that you see here, except that the she-junior-plugger is saying “It’s your dad. He’s calling to say he got your email.” See, instead of replying via email, he’s dialing his son! Get it?
  • “Pluggers still use dialup.” We see junior-dog-man-plugger’s dad on the other end of the line, sticking his tongue out as he puts his fingers in the holes of an old-fashioned (wait for it) telephone dial! See, he’s dialing the phone, like they did in the old days! Of course, the old plugger is irritating and tedious, so nobody particularly wants to talk to him; he’s probably just dialing the time and temperature number or something (oh, yes, they still exist).

Beetle Bailey, 4/30/09

Sarge refuses to acknowledge his relationship with Beetle, so in revenge the private is just going to blow as many dudes as possible.

Marmaduke, 4/30/09

Actually, Marmaduke knows exactly what he’s doing, as today’s banner headline was “MONSTROUS DOG DEVOURS EIGHT.”