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Mary Worth, 1/22/17

Hmm, some interesting mixed messages being sent by Mary Worth today. On the one hand, Dostoyevsky urges us to resist the urge to try to cater to popular opinion, implying we should follow our hearts, enjoying sexy times with hot younger dudes no matter how much our ex-ish-boyfriends’ daughters might disapprove. On the other hand, the final panel reveals that Iris is feeling some regrets, or at least has chosen to end the evening by settling into bed not with her sexy young lover, but rather a laptop with its browser pointed to Watch out, Zak!

Pluggers, 1/22/17

A grandpa plugger’s bucket list will never be completed … because they will never die, thanks to their awesome power of astromancy! THE BEAST-MAN WHO NAMES AND CONTROLS THE STARS IS THE BEAST-MAN WHO LIVES FOREVER, AS PROPHECY FORETOLD

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Mary Worth, 12/17/16

Look, Iris, you have every right to be excited about this date and its potentially sexy aftermath, but … just don’t go into it thinking that Zak is super smart or subtle, OK? Like, based on how enormous your eyes got in panel two, I assume you think “It’s good to try new things!” is code for “We’re gonna do all the sex stuff that’s been invented in the past 15 years that you’re going to enjoy very much and that Wilbur isn’t physically capable of!” But in fact I think he really just wants you to try to squid ink pasta. Trust me, when he wants to do sexy talk, there will be no confusion or ambiguity.

Pluggers, 12/17/16

A plugger has absolutely zero loyalty to his family, to his friends, or to his country. Donuts and muffins: these are all a plugger cares about. If you aren’t a donut or a muffin, you’re on your own.

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Gasoline Alley, 12/6/16

As is my wont with Gasoline Alley, I have no desire to bring you up to speed on the current storyline about beardy PA Chipper Wallet, and fortunately have no need to either, since nothing happening in today’s strip had any kind of earlier setup. I’m guessing that the strip was tied by some mysterious web of obligation to mention Reg Carter of the PA History Society — like perhaps the PAHS deposited a tidy sum into a certain Swiss bank account controlled by an intermediary shell corporation owned by Gasoline Alley intellectual property holder Tribune Media, or maybe Mr. Carter lost a bet. Anyway, obviously what this transaction needs to make it interesting is a little sex appeal, and what better way to deliver that than to have Chipper’s redheaded assistant practically throwing herself at him? Look at her fluttering her eyelids in panel one. That’s the stuff that gets red-blooded comics readers hot under the collar, I tell you what. The PA History Society’s really getting its money’s worth.

Mark Trail, 12/6/16

If there’s something funnier in the history of comics than Mark’s pose in panel two here, I can’t imagine what it might be! Since he’s talking, I’m pretty sure he’s not actually running yet, just posing extremely dynamically to impress upon Abbey how very fast they’re going to have to run in order to not suffer an awful death by lava.

Pluggers, 12/6/16

“Nothing gets a dog hornier for a chicken than the smell of fruit pastry” –a nationally syndicated comic panel, apparently