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I’m just sitting in while Josh is away — no Comments of the Week on my watch. Good news for faithful reader SF_Reader, who can revel in a few extra days of pretend glory!

But I do want to heap praise on our faithful advertisers, without whom this blog would resort to transparent gimmicks like inserting high-value search terms in titles and posts. If you’re actually looking for information on cancer, you’ll want to check out Funky Winkerbean. But if you came here for cosmetic surgery bankruptcy mortgage refinance mobile phone june morgan naked low apr, you’ll just have to look elsewhere — we have standards, you know!

This week’s Ad Love goes out to Devil’s Garden, the new mystery novel from Ace Atkins. Based on the real-life trial of actor Fatty Arbuckle, Devil’s Garden features Roaring-20’s licentiousness, yellow journalism, systemic corruption, and world-weary cynicism: everything, in short, that makes life worth living.

Wait — something else makes life worth living: the generous contributions of faithful readers like you! So a heartfelt thank you to everybody who hit Josh’s Tip Jar this week.

— Uncle Lumpy