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Gil Thorp, 5/22/09

There is something hair-raisingly creepy about the last panel of today’s Gil Thorp, in which Gil’s empty chair faces a computer monitor lit up with pictures of his student athletes in happier, naughtier times. “There’s no such thing as privacy or anonymity anymore! You have to assume that your every move, your every transgressive behavior, is going to be scrutinized by prying eyes, watching silently as your delighted young faces light up when you press the limits of childhood and discover what it means to be an adult, breath quickening, palms sweating … uh … I gotta get back to my office. Shep, you’re in charge until I get back. Try not to get drunk or anything.”

Funky Winkerbean, 5/22/09

It’s true that infidelity usually ends in tears and shattered lives, so you’d think it would be a natural subject for a Funky Winkerbean plot. I don’t think it’s ever been tackled in this strip, though, possibly because affairs do generally begin with a jolt of joy, no matter how short-sighted and self-destructive that happiness might be. Thus, I’m curious to see whether or not the now remarried Funky and his ex are going to get it on in one of Montoni’s filthy plastic booths, or if their tryst will be nipped in the bud by weeping and impotence, only to be discovered and end in divorce anyway.