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Your CsOTW momentarily, but first a couple of important items! The first, sent to me by several faithful readers, is from Shortpacked artist David Willis. You may know him as the genius behind the Finger-Quotin’ Margo shirt, and such strips as “Funky CancerCancer” and “My Mother Is F’in Insane.” Today, he brings you “Funky CreepyCreepy.” It’s … pretty much you’d think, based on the title.

Also, fans of soap opera strips (which I assume all of you are) will enjoy these podcastifications of romance strips! Thanks to faithful reader Sage Tyrtle for the tip.

And now … your comment of the week!

“Mary recognizes that a dramatic event has occurred without her involvement and, in mourning, wears black.” –150

And your runners-up:

“As for the Pluggers, they’re all hard-of-hearing, so this all-caps entry is just a more authentic glimpse into their lives. They’ve got to shout at one another just to hear themselves.” –the scientist

“We love how Diana Palmer, power-suited urban sophisticate in real life, lounges around with her spandex-clad hubby. We’re all for dressing nicely, but that designer Oona Oop number and gold armbands looks both uncomfortable and très précieuse for casual cavewear.” –Fashion Police

“As other commenters have suggested, it does seem likely this Janet Brookins is some relative of the Chief Plugger, most likely his wife, I would think. If so, does that mean he thinks of himself as the morose corpulent hound to his wife’s querulous bloated chicken?” –Violet

IT IS RUSTY! Finally! It’s the BEST DAY EVER!” –TheCasey

“I’m endlessly amused by Margo’s use of a cell phone. She clearly thinks it’s some kind of walkie talkie that she can shout orders into. I haven’t been reading the strip very long, so the only part of her backstory I know is that she was a highly-trained assassin left behind in Vietnam after the war. I like how you can see bits of it in the confused but militaristic way she handles modern technology. It’s brilliantly drawn.” –Les of the Jungle Patrol

“Don’t despair, Dennis’ dad; I think Chicken Lady Plugger might be up for a little action. A handful of feed corn, and you’re in like the Colonel!” –Pozzo

“Actually I would have summed up today’s Pluggers as ‘Pluggers are dying, and they’re dying to tell you about it.'” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“I recommend panel 3 be recycled for a storyline in which Mark does a genital self-examination.” –Joe Blevins

“Pluggers only hock the TV after they run out of redundant organs to sell.” –Muffaroo

“I personally look forward to the strip that reveals Mark Trail has fists that erupt from his eyes.” –Rebochan

“A thought balloon would suggest that Mark has some kind of inner life, which he does not. He climbs, he races, he punches, he looks, he pokes up the fire, he talks aloud. He does not think.” –the good ship thetis

“Marital relations? I was under the impression that Mark Trail releases spores.” –Aging Hipster

“Whoa, Adrian, I don’t know what you put in those cupcakes, but it sure made your kitchen go all non-Euclidean on us.” –wagmore barkless

You are your mother’s daughter, that’s for sure! Now, stand still while I take a hair sample, because simple math shows how unlikely it is that you’re also mine.” –BigTed

“As Adrian stares into her gloomy future, Jeff obediently repeats the words dictated to him by the tiny device in his ear.” –Poteet

“You have to feel bad for Herb. How can a man who doesn’t understand the concept of proper nouns be expected to explain anything?” –Wasabi Jane

“I like the fact that Jeffy seems mortified by Dolly’s ‘extravagant’ offer of cold cereal to Mommy on her special day. I suspect he suggested to the others that they make pancakes and bacon, or perhaps cheese blintzes, for her, and now he has to wear one of PJ’s snugglies, to hide the bruises.” –bats :[

Your father told me about Ted. I’m so sorry! Let me recap your personal misfortune here in your workplace, within earshot of all of your friends, co-workers, and patients!” –Harold

“I like the lines of suck coming from the half Spiderman in the throwaway panel. It’s all like ‘We know! He’s terrible. And stinky.'” –Sarah

“Has … has Tommie’s entire life been leading up to Han Solo cosplay? The haircut, like Harrison Ford … the face that would look more appropriate on Harrison Ford … the complete lack of femininity, like Harrison Ford…” –Dragon of Life

“The economy is hurting the Hi and Lois characters worse than I thought: Hi is drinking cold beans straight from the can. I think Ditto’s reaction is a double whammy of ‘They buried Beethoven ALIVE?!’ and stepping into the noxious plume behind his father’s ass.” –survivor

“Wow, Brad is flushing his shot at pity sex right down the toilet. And Toni won’t even help him.” –Digger

And you should actually go back to yesterday’s thread and read Captain Thunder and Comrade Denny’s on-the-fly collaborative opus They Buried Beethoven Alive!, which takes my one-off joke to its hilarious conclusion over multiple posts. Just search on their names, alternatingly.

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