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Mary Worth, 6/20/09

I love that Mary Worth has gone all Herb and Jamaal-y on us, with “Thanks for preparing my favorite dish!” Perhaps this ambiguity is meant to draw the reader in, so that Delilah becomes the viewpoint character. You can imagine that Mary Worth has prepared your favorite dish, whatever that happens to be! If you concentrate on the deliciousness hard enough and then fix your eyes on Mary’s grinning face in the second panel, it’ll be like you’re there! Then you’ll run screaming into the woods!

I think it’s more likely, though, that the author knew that whatever specific food references were put into the dialogue would be ignored in favor of the artist’s favored blobby food-like units, and couldn’t bring herself to write “Thanks for preparing my favorite dish, fist-sized grey ’n’ orange masses! I can’t believe you remembered!”

Funky Winkerbean, 6/20/09

Uh huh, “went up to Cedar Point,” “took off with some of his buddies,” whatever. Summer and Cory are totally off getting teen pregnant right now, as these two mope it up.