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Mark Trail, 7/30/09

Thank goodness there’s been a slight lull in the madness over at Mary Worth, so I can check in with the madness over at Mark Trail! You might recall that our hero carried a wounded Joey Williams away from this very pile of chemical drums after he was felled by a long-distance sniper. But not killed! Mark says that the mysterious sniper took on the very difficult task of wounding Joey deliberately, because Joey’s no good to the gangsters dead. And Mark would know! He’s a smart guy! You can tell he’s smart because of the way that he’s just standing idly about, presumably in an ankle-deep puddle of toxic waste, at the scene where mere hours ago a hidden assailant brought down a snooper with a single shot, talking conversationally to nobody in particular about the bad guy’s plans, before deciding that he won’t be able to crack the case without his dog. I’m not sure if panel two’s extreme close-up of Mark’s forehead is supposed to help us better imagine the burning smell of Mark’s brain circuitry as he thinks extra-hard, or if there was supposed to be a rifle-scope target imposed over the scene that was accidentally left out.

Family Circus, 7/30/09

Their previous attempt may have failed, but the Keane parents seem determined to sacrifice their children to the terrible Ant Gods. Let’s wish them luck!