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Dennis the Menace, 7/16/18

Wait, so this is a repeat wrong-number caller? Who admits to Dennis right off the bat that he knows he’s calling the wrong number? What exactly is going on here? Dennis’s pushback is entirely legitimate! He’s the one who’s being menaced, by some phone-creep!

Family Circus, 7/16/18

It’s really a fine line between “Ha ha, our children, being young and unlearned, do occasionally say the darndest things!” and “Oh, Christ, our children are dumb, just dumb as posts, they’re too old to be displaying this level of ignorance, this is humiliating for everyone concerned,” but the Family Circus has just blown right past it today!

Slylock Fox, 7/16/18

Plus she’s … right there? Right there at the bottom left of the panel, in plain sight? That’s Bertha Bear, right? I’m not going crazy here?

Funky Winkerbean, 7/16/18

I mean, guys, you’re, uh, you’re all sitting with each other

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Blondie, 7/6/18

Blondie and Dagwood are such experienced kissers they can carry on entire conversations with their lips locked.

Heathcliff, 7/6/18

The chicken’s involved, the pig’s committed, and the cat’s a fan.

Luann, 7/6/18

The middle-schoolers of Luann now dress as adults but carry on the same rituals, including playground weddings.

Family Circus, 7/6/18

A “typical Philadelphia” street food cart. Later this trip, they’ll take in a Broadway Street play.

Zits, 7/6/18

Psst, Walt — ask for the dollar in quarters; you’ll be half a buck ahead and no bending.

— Uncle Lumpy

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Family Circus, 6/28/18

I have to say that I really, unironically enjoy today’s Family Circus, and what sells it for me is the children’s faces of genuine and visceral disgust. Then there’s the fact that cats generally are, over short distances, faster than people, but the Keane Kids still managed to beat Kittycat inside, almost as if she were struggling to drag in something very large, perhaps larger than herself. Is it a human arm? I’m hoping it’s a human arm.

Funky Winkerbean, 6/28/18

The joke here is of course that Darin has offloaded childcare duties on his elderly mother, who already had her hands so full caring for her stroke-striken and paralyzed husband that she had to quit the job she loved, and now she’s just completely exhausted and her grandchild is running around the house largely unsupervised! But I think it’s worth pointing out that, just to add a little color to today’s narrative, Darin and Mopey Pete are slouching across the street in the pouring rain, having neglected to bring protective clothing or umbrellas for whatever reason. Just putting that special Funkyverse twist of abject misery on proceedings!