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Mark Trail, 8/1/09

Many of you weak-kneed liberals have been demanding that Mark call the so-called “police” in regards to the tragedy unspooling in Lost Forest, or involve the EPA or some other big-government bureaucracy to right these wrongs. You fail to understand that justice flows from only one source in this realm: not from laws drawn up by the people’s duly elected and appointed representatives, but from Mark’s own preternaturally clear vision of right and wrong. When it comes to a monster who’s willing to dump toxic chemicals off a cliff and grievously and precisely wound from a distance, Andy’s nose is the only investigator we need, and Mark’s fists the only appropriate punishment. Note that even the forest itself is helping speed the moment of good’s triumph, as it baffles and disorients our assassin, leading him right into Mark’s waiting knuckles.

Apartment 3-G, 8/1/09

Despite her overwhelming sadness, Margo is being quite considerate here; as her acidic tears would burn right through human flesh in mere seconds, she makes sure to catch them in an asbestos handkerchief she carries just for that purpose.