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Gasoline Alley, 8/19/09

I have been reading this Gasoline Alley storyline for the last several days, where Earl Lee Bird, a non-beloved character from a few plots back, makes a sudden reappearance on the Conan O’Brien show. Except that because this is comic-strip make believe so his name is actually given as CONAN O’BARBARIAN GET IT IT IS A JOKE BECAUSE HIS NAME IS UNUSUAL AND REMINDS YOU OF THE POPULAR MOVIE WITH ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. It took several days of repeating Conan’s name EVERY DAY in this strip for me to even notice this, and yet it is the best joke in the comics page today. DAMN YOU COMICS YOU DISGUST ME.

Family Circus, 8/19/09

Oh, except the Keane Kids have found a new victim for the daily human sacrifice demanded by their family’s terrible god.