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Hey all, as noted, today (Friday) is the last day to get a What Would Margo Do bracelet with a donation! The arbitrary cutoff is noon U.S. eastern time. To tempt you last-minute holdouts, here are some more fun WWMD photos. First up is faithful reader AhClem, a-pickin’ and (presumably) a-grinnin’:

Faithful reader AMSTERDANG has some pretty specific ideas about what Margo would do:

Faithful reader Joe Btfsplk says that “this image is something along the lines of the first thing that came to mind when I considered the WWMD question. I would have modeled my own arm, but didn’t know where to look for the other necessary prop. So, here is an unholy amalgam spawned of bits of Uncle Lumpy’s Margo Moments, another old 3G strip, an Aztec Codex, and probably too much time on my hands.”

And finally, one faithful reader shows that even Jane Austen (or at least her action figure) wants to know what Margo would do?

If you donated last week, your bracelet ought to have already arrived, or will do so in the next few days; donators this week, yours are coming! If you suspect yours has gone missing in the mail, please contact me at

Oh! And! In totally unrelated news, I got nominated for a “Mobbie,” the Baltimore Sun’s blog awards. It’s open to reader voting, so you know what to do! (Warning: You will need to sign up for a Baltimore Sun account to vote.)