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There are few things that give more of a thrill than coming home and finding a large padded envelope in your mailbox with “Karen Moy, King Features” as the return address. Trust me on this, because that’s exactly what happened to me this afternoon. Eagerly tearing said envelope open, I found … this:

And this:

And a note that said:

Hi Josh,

Thanks for reading “MARY WORTH”!

Karen Moy

That’s right, everyone: there is now officially licensed merchandise featuring our favorite meddling biddy. And the designs featured above aren’t the only ones available, not by a long shot. Do want to drink your coffee out of a mug in which Mary is startled by Aldo? Do you want to drink your liquor out of a mug in which Mary admonishes Rita for drinking liquor? YOU KNOW YOU DO! And there’s more … so much more.

Please note that I gain nothing financially from this, other than the free shirt and bag; I merely supply this information to what I imagine is the largest interested audience for this paraphenalia, as my way of giving back to the comics I mock. Of course, if while you’re doin’ your CafePress shopping you wanted to buy some Comics Curmudgeon stuff featuring my new logo, I surely wouldn’t object!