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Slylock Fox, 6/10/10

Ed Power of My Cage has frequently teased us with hints that someday we will learn what happened to all the humans and how his strip came to be populated entirely by anthropomorphic animals. But Slylock, with its more atomized narrative, just sort of takes the new biosphere as a given. Still, today’s Six Differences could be offering a glimpse at the precise moment when the dominance of H. Sapiens over the planet began to falter. A cheerful bird began to attack a gentleman’s newspaper; a freakishly huge spider terrified a nearby child; another bird sat on a rooftop, watching, waiting; and, before anyone could really understand the hows or whys, canines were in charge of law enforcement and Slick Smitty and his few remaining fellow humans were reduced to running petty scams in order to survive in the New Animal Order.

Archie, 6/10/10

What was the cause of humanity’s decline? Panel one of today’s Archie may have an answer. Can you explain what exactly is going on anatomically between Jughead’s feet and his head? Human civilization presumably collapsed either because of rampant genetic abnormalities or pervasive hallucinogenic use.