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Mark Trail, 6/8/10

Our long national nightmare of Rusty-face horror has finally ended, but now we’ve reached a new level of awfulness, as we’ve finally been brought back to Ol’ Lady Whatsherface’s terrifying animal gulag. “That old woman next door has brought more stray animals home,” the neighbors complain — though they dare not do more than gripe to one another, because of the old dognapper’s hair-trigger temper and propensity for savage violence. “It’s disgusting! She’s putting those puppies in the oven! Oh, God, I can’t watch!”

Mary Worth, 6/8/10

Oh, so it looks like Dr. Roberts will finally be allowing himself to love once Mary forces him to date financial consultant Jenna Thomas. Presumably they’ll realize that they’re perfect for each other once they talk about the shared sense of self-satisfaction they got from fixing Bonnie’s broken crazy money-spending brain. As we can see in panel two, Jenna is already prepared to deal with Dr. Roberts’s tiny, tiny penis.