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Let me finish my bout of holiday Monday bloggin’ with your COMMENT OF THE WEEK!

“Or maybe Funky’s still alive and the rest of Westview died from a sudden bout of cancer! Did I just blow your minds?” –Carlo

And the runners up! Very funny!

“Please let Jenna’s answer be ‘Speaking of johnsons…'” –Push Trot

“How does the baseball hit the hat off Archie’s head, and bonk him square on top of the skull? This, coupled with Jughead’s leaping whoopee cap, suggests one possibility to me: hats in the Archie universe have evolved sentience and are attempting to escape into a funnier comic with their jumping prowess.” –dodoman1

“I hate all the clothes on all the melonheads, but I particularly hate those recurring cuffs on Jeffy’s pants. I want to pour a lot of sand in them and then watch his helpless tears.” –Poteet

“Which will do the most damage to Mary Jane, being horribly burned by Iron Man’s rocket boots or being sucked through the jagged hole in the plane’s fuselage? The correct answer is ‘remaining married to Peter Parker.'” –Ed Dravecky

“Does anyone in Santa Royale eat at any fern-free restaurants?” –Comcis Fan

Interests that Jenna will have, given that this is a Mary Worth-sanctioned date: babies.” –Sophie

“When I was a little kid, imagining what life would be like when I’d grow up, I pictured becoming an astronaut, or a fireman, or a farmer. I pictured adventure and romance. Never once did I ever think I’d be interested in a Funky Winkerbean plot line, anxious to see what happens next. Is he dead? What’s going on? If my six-year-old self could see me now, he’d probably start crying from shame.” –Krazy Kat

9CL: At least at the end of Casablanca someone got shot. Are we to be denied even that tiny gratification?” –Walker of Dog

“Can anybody explain how this fits in with the ‘Tommie is being set-up for her I Dressed in the Dark intervention’? This whole production seems too elaborate to have been staged as a ruse. It’s as if the Monterey Pop Festival had been staged so Janis Joplin’s friends could tell her she needed to do something about her hair.” –Ned Ryerson

Speaking of interests, what are some of yours? I’m guessing, dudes with chest hair. Am I right?” –Mysterious Shirtless Lawyer

Ipecac? What? Was she out of razor blades?” –Sans Sense

“Fragile and ladylike as always, MJ is so embarrassed by the suggestive webbing that she is tactfully shielding her eyes from it.” –Joe Blevins

“Tommy’s humiliation fills me with delight! Were she not fictional, I would feel ashamed. It seems to fill Margo with rage, though. Probably because she has never managed to belittle someone on such a grand scale. Sure, she’s made grown men weep, but never in front of a full auditorium. Never broadcast on national television. She probably feels like a bit of a failure in comparison. Whoever she dates next is in deep, deep trouble.” –Les of the Jungle Patrol

UPDATE: Here’s a pair of additional quotes that got considered for COTW but accidentally didn’t get pasted into this list before I published it — apologies!

“You’ve got to love Mark and Rusty’s gazing towards the horizon in hopes of spotting Sassy even though every dog in the area is running toward this old woman, to eat her.” –Black Drazon

“Perhaps some of the inky blackness slowly spreading across the turquoise night sky fell on Jenna’s face.” –LaurenM

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