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Here’s your comment of the week — the best of a particularly strong bunch this time around:

“Fare thee well, Cathy. I will pour a 40 of Tab on the curb in front of the Weight Watchers for you.” –Plinko Commie

And the hilarious runners up!

“What your husband is too sensitive to tell you, Beth, is that the government put up the fence in an attempt to keep your progeny from ever meeting the Trails’ adopted troll. The end result of a mating between the two would be too hideous to contemplate.” –terrapin

“Notice how Rabbit jumps gracefully over the Elrod ball. Careful, Rabbit. That Elrod ball is sharp! Why, it is at the cutting edge of humor.” –The Check is in the Male

“Is that an actual morgue? In the Tracyverse, ‘MORGUE’ is probably a commonly-used name for a nightclub.” –Baron Bizarre

“I confess that I am in love with the delicate, moneyed, pinky-extended way Mrs. D’Buckworth holds a cell phone. I kind of wish cartoon millionaires would start holding everything like this … not just wine glasses and brandy snifters — pencils, chopsticks, steering wheels, fruit roll-ups, hamsters … the effete, plutocratic possibilities are endless!” –Dan

“The wife in Pluggers is obviously performing a cost-benefit analysis in her head: ‘I could stab him in the throat and claim it was an accident. But he’d bleed all over the place, and I just mopped the linoleum.'” –jvwalt

“Is Pluggers such a hard strip to draw that you need a vacation? All you do is copy out a suggestion from a reader, draw some obese animals in plaid, and die a little inside.” –Citric

“Say what you will about Cathy but she never killed her dog, finger-banged a Nazi, or used time travel to spread misery and cancer.” –Ed Dravecky

“What exactly is ‘Spotlight on…’ meant to signify in Pluggers? Because I’m thinking that when a plugger shines a spotlight on something, he intends to shoot it.” –wagmore

“I kind of wonder if this A3G strip is the writer’s way of screwing with the artist’s head. ‘Here, design a fashion show! That’ll teach you to draw my characters in Han Solo outfits!'” –JB

“Lu Ann has learned that asking ‘What does that mean?’ buys her a little time and, if she’s lucky, a one-syllable recap or simple diagram.” –Uncle Lumpy

“It looks like everyone sees a different celebrity in the Rorschach test that is Dr. Mike’s dad, and my vote is for the skin of Chevy Chase as worn by Willem Defoe.” –bunivasal

“No, really, what does that mean? Sorry, I’m having trouble comprehending. The speed just kicked in and life just kind of blue-shifted for a second there. I CAN SEE THE UNIVERSE.” –Erin

“Isn’t that sad. Jeffy thinks a pair of discarded boxers is his mother.” –Mac

FW: “When life gives you lemons, move your mouth over to one side of your face.” –This Guy

“I look forward to Kat and Kitty attempting to break Margo by forcing her to wear an outfit constructed exclusively out of designer handbags.” –Windier E. Megatons

“Is Margo planning to grab six pairs of shoes, or twelve pairs of shoes? Or is she going to just grab twelve random unmatched shoes on the principle that the last option would be the most likely to enrage Mama Kat?” –Poteet

“Josh, at first I thought you may have slipped up by not writing ‘outfitting a child in a urine-soaked banana suit,’ but then I saw the clever drain hole at the bottom.” –Red Greenback

“I think that outfit is perfect for Tommie’s job. She does work as a whore on a 19th century riverboat casino, right?” –Joe Blevins

“It’s always fun to return to Mary Worth’s downtown. It’s even more fun than Petula Clark’s ‘Downtown,’ with its smashed store window, littered sidewalk, handy 2×4, and awkwardly-posing yet stylishly casual rubbies in matching pants. Even the lamp post and residential-style garbage can (or perhaps it’s the world’s fattest fire hydrant) go together. Truly, everything’s waiting for you!” –Mooncattie

“Thursday Kit-Kat threatens to dye Lu Ann’s hair. Today Lu Ann complains that Kit-Kat wants to cut it. Those … those aren’t the same thing, honey.” –Anonymous

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