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Without further ado, I cast this week’s top comment into the night:

“Why would you steal a computer from the library, anyway? Is Weirdly conducting a study on the pornography preferences of the homeless?” –commodorejohn

And the very funny runners up!

“Gee, what supervillain could be mastering me like a puppet? Let’s check Jane’s Book of Evil!” –yellojkt

“The one I’m looking for is — James Carville?!” –Red Greenback

“Pluggers don’t know what a print is. They call it a ‘pitcher’.” –StrangeRover

“I believe the secret to Lureen’s success with the principal is that she’s a contortionist. Puttin’ your arms behind yur back and grabbin’ yur elbows presents those saggy hillbilly boobs in a whole new way. I just tried doing that and hurt myself. Luckily for the lazy men in town, all the lady parts seem to be about 5 inches apart on these women.” –LUJBEM FEJF

“Rejected sentiments Dr. Mike really wanted to put on the card with Jenna’s flowers: ‘Roses are red/ Violets are blue/ Someone killed my uncle which made my father run off in search of his killer and I felt abandoned and unworthy of love but then we finally reconnected thanks to Mary Worth’s timely intervention and I moved Dad into my place and then he died peacefully in his sleep/ But I still want to sleep with you.'” –Old School Allie Cat

“We sincerely hope Miss Magee has a date for the Senior Prom so she can wear her ‘ravishing’ new dress.” –Fashion Police

Once a foster kid turns 18, it’s not illegal to tape him showering!” –Jesse C

“I appreciate the fact that of all the synonyms for ‘beautiful’ Margo could have chosen to characterize herself, she selected the one most evocative of savage violence.” –Violet

I’m not stalking, Mrs. DeGroot. Our whole universe is crammed into these three panels. There are no other routes! Where the fuck am I supposed to go? Tell me that, huh?” –cheech wizard

A3G artist Frank Bolle is a competent comic artist. He was the go-to guy at Golden Key Comics back in the day. Still, he’s probably pissed that he has to draw clavicles and sternomastoids in his old age.” –Reed Hover of Dallas Texas

“Nobody puts Lu Ann in a corner, now that she looks like Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing.” –True Fable

“Hey, Margie, guess what? I put the grandkids in the strip today! Did they see it? Well, show ’em the damn paper! Yeah, I’ll wait … whaddya mean, where? Tell ’em to quit crying! They’re right THERE, dammit, standing next to Dennis. Huh? DENNIS! He’s the goddamned kid in the middle, with the cowlick … ahh, put her on. Hey, honey, look! You’re standing next to DENNIS! DENNIS THE MENACE! You know, the funny strip Gampy draws? Yeah, that’s YOU — see? Aw, quit crying. For Christ’s sake. Put Mommy back on the phone.” –Dancing Bear

“Those months and months and actually YEARS of practice-drawing new hairstyles for the 3G girls have finally paid off, like so many Marlboro Miles.” –Tommy


“As far as crowd-pleasing retorts go, ‘That’s what HE implied!’ isn’t quite in the same league as ‘That’s what SHE said!'” –Chyron HR

“‘Maybe someone at the urologist’s office isn’t a fan of the mayor’s!’ Uhm, the mayor’s what, exactly?” –Dood

“On the downside, I apparently know the name of Luann’s dog without having to look it up, which makes me feel dead inside.” –Windier E. Megatons

“Has anyone else noticed that, as Lu Ann has taken on Tommie’s hair color, she’s started to take on the characteristics of Tommie herself, i.e. she’s become a passive, vaguely depressed non-entity? It’s like she’s been bitten by a radioactive Tommie.” –Joe Blevins

“Slylock may think he is clever, pointing out facts about mammalian biology, but he has overlooked the fact that the ‘Bovine Bully’s’ dangerous metaphysical point about free will threatens to bring the entire judicial system to a crashing halt. ‘You can’t hold Cassandra Cat’s decision to seduce the bank guard, bludgeon him to death with a mallet, and steal millions of dollars from the safe against her. It was an uncontrollable result of her dharma!'” –Nekrotzar

“Psst, Cayla! Tell Les it’s a result of hair cancer! Then he’ll be all yours!” –Mooncattie

“The artist failed to give a tonal differentiation between the under-nose and over-food sections of Cayla’s upper lip, which, combined with her new ‘do, makes her nearly indistinguishable from Bob Marley. Nearly, as reggae actually makes audiences happy, and we can’t have that in this strip.” –cj

“Mrs. DeGroot may dislike Dirk now, but how long can that last when they share the goal of making sure Brad and Toni never have sex? I see an alliance forming.” –Larry Fine

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