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Josh Fruhlinger started this blog as a hobby in 2004; now thousands of people read it every day to get a chuckle from comics they’ve followed since childhood. Twice a year, I encourage readers to join me in financial support of the Comics Curmudgeon, to help keep this fine entertainment going.

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And while you wait for your generous offshore wire transfer to slip beneath the radar of the US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, please enjoy this Comics Curmudgeon exclusive, Random Dick — the Dick Tracy Continuity Randomizer:

Dick Tracy values continuity even less than the so-called Rights of the Accused. Can you find any differences between a regular Dick Tracy strip and a random collection of panels? Let’s find out!

Dick Tracy, 7/22 — 9/18/10 (panels)*


— Uncle Lumpy

* Random Dick may not work in some browsers and RSS readers. If you can’t see it or it runs too slowly, please use the fast large-format version at this link instead.

Notes: OK, it’s not completely random: strips are assembled from one randomly-selected “Dick Tracy” panel, one “Other Person” panel, and one “Building or Object” panel, and then presented in random order. Many thanks to young codemaster Spiff Lumpy for scripting, html, and debugging.