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Mark Trail, 10/2/10

So it turns out the Joe has, in fact, refused to participate in any and all cage-hunting activities, and has quit his job with Future Governor Frank in disgust. Presumably he was permitted to sleep out in the horse stables as part of his compensation, because now he’s celebrated quitting by simply cramming his worldly possessions into a rucksack and walking out into the woods to see where life will take him. As you would expect for someone who would regard such a course of action as totally normal, Joe is good friends with local nature weirdo Mark Trail, whose idea of a good time is bellowing out greetings from behind bushes.

I sort of assumed that Joe’s baby blue work shirt and matching hat were a workman’s uniform of some sort, but apparently he chooses to wear them on his own accord. Certainly had they been assigned to him by his previous employer, he would have been forced to hand them over to his hopefully more compliant successor.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 10/2/10

Believe it or not, we’re only seeing two-thirds of Loweezy and Elviney’s emotional roller-coaster ride. First they think their husbands are ogling other gals; then they realize they’re just assessing some photos of pack animals, in a bit of healthy backwoods fun. But take a good look at the picture of the “horse” on the back of that magazine: it has prominent buttons on its chest, indicating that it’s actually two (or more?) people wearing a horse suit, and that “Horse Trader Weekly” is a very, very different kind of magazine than you might expect.