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Mary Worth, 1/11/11

Oh, Scott and Adrian, you may have claimed to have no doubts whatsoever about your marriage, but it’s clear that Jill’s drunken claims that marriage (as an institution in general, and yours in particular) is a sham have gotten under your skin. Why else do you look so darn relieved that Jill has finally given you her blessings, if only in note form? Mary, meanwhile, looks kind of pissed. “Damn it, when my meddlees show contrition, they do it in person! I’m going to drag her hungover ass down here so she can beg for forgiveness in the most publicly humiliating way possible. Nothing else is acceptable!”

Ziggy, 1/11/11

Remember last week, when Ziggy was too poor to afford food? He’s discovered a solution: buying food that’s old and rancid.