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I hope you will forgive an off-schedule metapost today. Though I usually don’t actively hawk my ad space to advertisers on the blog, I do want to make a special offer to cartoonists/comics artists/graphics novelists, or anyone who runs a comics-themed Web site or owns a comics-related business. If you fall into one of these categories, during the month of January, you can buy space in two of my ad slots — the large square at the top right of each page, and the banner that runs between the first and second post — for half off the usual price. You won’t find a more dedicated group of comics readers than the denizens of this site, so this is probably one of your best bets for advertising. You could buy 10 percent of the impressions on the banner for three days for only $5.10! These slots are perfectly sized for comics, so let your artistic imagination run wild!

For more information on regular pricing, click here for the large square and click here for the banner ad. Remember, if you want to buy a comics-related ad, you pay half those prices. Email me at bio at jfruh dot com and I’ll set you up with the discount.