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A couple quick notes before you get your CsOTW: Too Hot For Church shirts exist, and half-priced ads are still available for cartoonists! And now, on with the COTW:

BUZZ BUZZ! Sorry, Margo, that wasn’t a valid response. Remember, defensiveness does not count as bitchiness. The correct response was, ‘You bumpkins deserve each other!’ Tommie, yawn away ten points.” –Doctor Handsome

And the runners up, very funny!

“In Paleo-Pluggers, does ‘courted’ mean ‘savagely attacked and shook until the neck broke, before carrying the lifeless body back to your own territory to be devoured at your leisure?’ Because that’s where I see that relationship going. A dog with that look on his face and that many hearts floating in front of him is definitely thinking about food.” –Harold

“In fairness to Scott, he IS wearing his dress undershirt.” –Adfella

‘I’m nervous about venturing too far’? Who talks that way? Is it Santa Royale cop lingo?” –Cayuga

“As bad as this honeymoon trip is turning out to be, I’ll bet it’s still better than the sex.” –Poteet

“Shannon looks like a tiny Mossad agent spotting the last living Nazi officer in Argentina. No need to bring him back alive, Shannon.” –Ed Dravecky

“Fun fact: dog-chicken offspring are born encased in a quivering, soft-shelled chrysalis — it’s not quite an egg, and it’s not quite a placenta, but as any Dog-Plugger will tell you, it’s good eatin’.” –Walker of Dog

“You were ruined by a shady investment counselor? How interesting! June and I were ruined by a shitty inker, so…” –Edgy DC

Simulating fellatio has become tedious for Tommie.” –Red Greenback

“The new hubby is now repacking the trunk, again. One day he will realize that suitcases can be laid on their side, but not today.” –Neal R

Today’s Jumble is like ‘Goofus and Gallant Work the Night Shift at WalMart.'” –AndyL

“Yeah, I’m going to have to add Mary Worth to the list of comics best understood as taking place entirely within the mind of someone being hanged at Owl Creek Bridge. The list is longer than most casual comics readers might suspect.” –Spunde

“Tommie thinks that she and Margo are literally in the same boat, as the waters rise past their ankles from Margo’s running an unattended bath. ‘That’s not exactly comforting, Tommie, we’ll all be drowned soon enough, purple robes and all.'” –TheLundbom

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