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Family Circus, 2/12/11

Since I so commonly slam on the anonymous Photoshop jockeys who color in the comics with seemingly little care or sense, let me offer them some kudos today for correctly identifying the orange-suited Keane Kid in this panel as Jeffy and filling in his tiny bit of visible hair in the correct ginger color. Could they tell because that hair had a bit of a wave to it (in contrast with Billy’s straight blond hair), or because only Jeffy would be proudly announcing that he needs to be protected by a thick layer of cushioning to prevent him from busting into tears due physical contact with the world? While we will probably never know the answer, I do think we need to note before moving on that Jeffy and his companion are bundled up in their snowsuits despite the fact that there is no snow visible whatsoever.

Apartment 3-G, 2/12/11

“Damn it, I’m trying to woo Trey here, but why would he pay attention to me when she looks so ravishing in her bright orange Chairman Mao suit?”