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You know what Friday evening means, don’t you? Of course you do. IT’S YOUR TOP COMMENT!

“Buying real estate to impress the ladies seems to be the theme of A3G lately. I wonder who will buy Tommie an empty lot out in the suburbs. Oh, that’s right. Nobody.” –AndyL

And your hilarious runners up!

Coming back can be difficult! …Especially coming back from the dead. Oh well, I’m gonna hang myself anyways.” –Alison

The last panel does appear like a suicide attempt but, then again, I can’t imagine Mary taking her own life. Only her own life, I mean.” –Felix

“‘June tells Rex she’s going home with Berna to deal with Dexter!’ I have no idea what any of that means! But it certainly! sounds! important!” –BigTed

“Rex is donning the Mystical Gauntlet of Opulence. Invisible to mortal wage slaves, it grants him the power of Unbridled Spending.” –Doctor Handsome

“Iris is dead from internal bleeding, because Trey ran into her, literally. No wonder Margo is in such a good mood.” –Nekrotzar

“Does Batiuk even know what an ACL injury is? He seems to think that anything that isn’t cancer can be walked off or healed by a dog.” –Esther Blodgett

“Trey looks more like Margo every day, to the point I have to look at the hair bun to identify which is which. Is that how she reproduces?” –Zaratustra

“You know, I think this Rex Morgan storyline is really going to shine a spotlight on the fact that Rex is not actually a doctor and had his license suspended years ago. After all, there’s absolutely nothing he’s going to be able to do about all the injuries about to crop up now that Wolverine has invaded his strip, seeking the only place less interesting than Spider-Man to hang up his shingle and retire, violently.” –Black Drazon

“For some unknown reason, Spider-Man seems determined to give us nonstop plotlines about freakish mutants getting married. Well, better here than Gil Thorp, I suppose.” –Drew Funk

In my opinion, The Chambers Affair is one of the best novels this year … which must suck for you, since that’s not the name of your book.” –True Fable

“I’m imagining that each book in Wilbur’s apparently large collection is hollowed out in order to secret sammiches.” –Dood

“I like that the current Mary Worth has managed to capture all the excitement of having lunch with my dad. All Mary has to do next is ask me if I’m going home to play my Gamebox 420 and the experience will be complete.” –Roktober

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