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Hey, it’s the Comics Curmudgeon Spring Fundraiser — thanks for your generous support!

The comics celebrate Carnivale with a tedious procession of same-old same-old — so let’s dig in!

9 Chickweed Lane, 3/8/11

9 Chickweed Lane tries to balance weeks of yak yak gayification of Uncle Roger with weeks of dance dance straightification of Seth. It doesn’t work, but at least nobody’s talking.

Ziggy, 3/8/11

Everyone in Ziggy enjoys his suffering as much as the universe does.

Mary Worth, 3/8/11

Warning: Frolic ahead! Escape, Dawn — only TV Tropes can save you now!

Crankshaft, 3/8/11

See? Nothing really changes except your car is cheesier, your mood surlier, the weather’s worse, you can’t afford as many flowers, and your beloved is long dead. Happy Lent, everybody!

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— Uncle Lumpy