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Marvin, 6/3/11

With this, I dearly hope that Marvin has reached the lowest point it can with the bathroom humor. In fact, I’m not sure this can be defined as “humor” at all. It’s just all “That dog has a name that sounds like ‘pee,’ because he urinates everywhere.” I guess if this were a spoken conversation (or, as is the case here, a telepathic conversation between a baby and a dog) there’d be a vague pun in that you’d think the name is spelled “Peabody” but really it’s “Peebody” because he likes to “pee” on things. But seeing it written out means that you know there’s nothing but piss jokes coming in panel two, so hang onto your hat (because otherwise Peebody the dog will urinate on it).

I suppose “bladder control issues” was some kind of syndicate-imposed euphemism, but it does add an extra bit of awfulness because it implies that Peebody’s peeing is involuntary, and probably causes him great shame.

Apartment 3-G, 6/3/11

Oh, hey, Aunt Iris has departed abruptly and now Mrs. Bloom is back from Florida, whither she decamped a few months ago, apparently for extensive cosmetic surgery. Don’t anger her any further, Tommie, she’ll taser the crap out of you.

You know, Iris has vaguely intimated that her friends and family don’t approve of her “gypsy lifestyle.” Naturally I’ve always assumed that this was because the squares in the A3Giverse are easily shocked by any even vaguely out-of-the-ordinary behavior, but maybe it’s because she always just picks up and leaves town without saying goodbye to anyone, like a jerk.