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As muggy July settles in, enjoy this fine comment of the week:

“This is the first time the Crock lettering was big enough for me to realize they’ve gone to a font instead of hand lettering. Where are the standards?! We’re definitely devoting an entire session to this switch at Crock-Con this year!” –Edgy DC

And the runners-up! Hilariousness!

That rabbit doesn’t strike me as stoned. More like depressed, probably because this is his first glimpse of the nightmarish police state that makes up the Slylock Fox universe. While his friends are cowering in fear at their red, furry judge and jury, Rabbit-Boy has taken up quiet resignation at his helplessness against the vulpine and rodent based justice system.” –KevinK

I love Slylock’s absolute lack of interest in this case. ‘Yeah yeah, sorry about your, you know, broken thingy. It was probably Slick Smitty, or Count What’s-His-Face, or — HEY MAX IT’S MY TURN TO BE ISSAC NEWTON.'” –Irrischano

Mary Worth: “Okay, I’m becoming convinced that the artist uses urethane and silicon Japanese robots first as models and then, making sure they are stiffly and unnaturally posed, goes to work. (And by ‘work’ I mean has sex with them.)” –Greg

“Ziggy applied for political asylum when Castro’s pro-pants party took over. ‘These cheeks must never be denied!’ cried Ziggy as he rowed a boat fashioned from his giant nose towards freedom.” –Dennis the Two and a Half Menace

“At least Loweezy prepared for the hangover by going to bed with an icepack on her head. That *is* what that is, isn’t it? Because otherwise she’s wearing a nightcap over a shawl, and that’s just fucked.” –Pozzo

“Ha ha, there goes my cell phone again! Phones totally go, ‘Beep beep beep’ in 2011! That is in no way a medical device informing me that my colostomy bag has reached its capacity! So, how about that rapscallion Archie Andrews, huh?” –Doctor Handsome

“If don’t get any answers, Dr. Corey’s gonna karate chop a bitch! I’ll show them for coming to a hospital for healing!” –Black Drazon

“I like how, in a joke about editorial cartoons, the Crock artist went ahead and just wrote the word ‘outpost’ on the outpost. Now he only needs to write ‘taxes’ on one rampaging horde and ‘runaway spending’ on the other, and he’s home free.” –Dan

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