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Ha ha, you know how sometimes you’re just having a relaxing Friday evening with your wife, and then you up and forget to put the comments of the week on your blog? It could happen to you! Here’s the top comment:

“Remember the good old days when a guy would teach a girl how to play golf so he could hold her as she practiced her follow-through? Now it’s all ‘you record me’ and ‘I’ll record you.’ Kids: Missing the point since 2008.” –BigTed

And here are the also hilarious runners up:

“Was Mary wearing that kicky lace vest all week, or are her undergarments creeping to the outside of her clothes, in order to make an escape?” –Patrick

“Throughout this whole whinefest, Gina keeps her order pad poised for action. Is this so the other customers will think she’s just taking the longest order ever? ‘Yes dear, I’ll have a turkey sandwich … with tomatoes … and lettuce. The lettuce should be under the turkey. I suppose cheese would be good, too. Not too strong a cheese, perhaps white American. That should be a square so it won’t hang off the sides of the sandwich. The cheese should be between the tomatoes. For bread, I will have … um … let me see … a white bread but not too spongy a bread because I have dentures. I assume a pickle comes with that…'” –Ellie

“I like to read this strip as if it’s set in Hootin’ Holler. ‘Shore ya don’ wanna hang around a few more days?’ ‘I’d like ta jedge, but I should git back.'” –Dood

“I doubt he’s buttering toast. Probably he’s scraping the gold ingots the waiter brought him as a gift from Table 5, to make sure it’s not gilded lead.” –Spunde

“Local Dominatrix Lets ‘Cat’ Out Of ‘Bag’; Death Toll At 132 And Rising” –Walker of Dog

“‘That is interesting!’ says Doc in the middle panel of Mark Trail. The weird emphasis must mark his growing impatience with Mark yammering around about golden bands while a perfectly delicious goose is sitting right there. ‘You should take that and get it analyzed! I’ll stay here and pre-heat the oven!’” –Lorne

“Look, Les, this is a boilerplate contract. Sign it or not. It’s not worth my time to go to the lawyers and rewrite the parts you don’t think apply to you. Been nice working with you. BTW, the statement ‘been nice working with you’ was standard boilerplate agent talk. It’s been a real pain in the ass. Good riddance, asshole.” –Mark B.

“We have concluded that it is just as well that Mr. Bolle refuses to show anyone below the shoulders. We do not want to know that Miss Thompson’s hideous kelly-green polo shirt is tucked into a pair of belted madras-plaid bermuda shorts.” –Fashion Police

“I hope this A3G plot twist uses the same artistic strategy it did with the piano storyline in November. ‘Why, there’s a piano in the Mills Gallery! …And Lady Gaga is playing it! What strange clothes she is wearing!’ Then we cut to her chiseled, blond, suit-wearing male manager for the next eight weeks.” –Shmebbber

“I never got until today that ‘Ann Eiffel’ was supposed to be a pun. Also that she’s a horrible person, as shown by her telling an employee to actually do his job instead of standing there talking to his girlfriend.” –UnclGhost

“On a completely different note, I’ve had this fancy for awhile where I like imagining Mark Trail as played by Tom Hanks. There’s something hilarious to me about the concept of Tom Hanks yelling all his thoughts aloud. Picture it as you read the above strip. ‘THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE, A GOLD BIRD BAND … GENESIS 1:20, A PASSAGE FROM THE BIBLE.’ Note also what he’s saying here makes minimal sense.” –Carly

“I like that the Mark Trail characters who are not on the set can just walk over and grab some lunch at Santa Royale diner during their down time. This guy could have stayed longer to chat up Waitress Sad-Is-Sexy, but he’s got twenty minutes to report for work as an unscrupulous land developer who emotionally abuses his stacked wife.” –Edgy DC

“Is Lu Ann really allowed to invoke a change in the topic of conversation, particularly when Margo has the floor (who even knew Lu Ann was in the … um … whatever vague room they’re in with a lamp and a picture frame and some gauzy curtains and a refrigerator)? Can somebody check the A3G bylaws?” –Ned Ryerson

“I like to think that the pervert in Mary Worth overheard their conversation about the waitress’ dead mother and is now wearing mom jeans in an attempt to burrow his way into her subconscious (and her pants).” –Roto13

“Ok, just to be clear, this is a strip about grown women living together in New York, right? So why does the dialogue sound like it belongs in a strip about three maladjusted girls in an orphanage for dowdy teens?” –pugfuggly

“I guess the swarthy pseudo-Hi is supposed to feel like a real dope for hitting on a married woman, but how the hell was he supposed to know? Lois doesn’t even have a ring finger.” –Doctor Handsome

Plus this comment Effluvius Erratus is too long to feature here but, hilariously combining as it does several layers of source material, is definitely worth your attention!

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