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Luann, 8/5/11

As promised (threatened?), Brad’s sexual harassment at the hands of sexy sex predator Anne Eiffel is now underway. This plotline will drive home the fact that sexual harassment is about abuse of power, not eroticism, because honestly, who would think erotic thoughts about Brad, especially in his little bow tie, it’s distasteful.

Also, aren’t Brad and Toni, like, really, officially a couple? Why can’t Brad bring himself to say she’s his girlfriend? Do you get fired for having a girlfriend, when you’re a member of Anne’s harem? KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, BRAD!

Hi and Lois, 8/5/11

Speaking of sexual harassment, I can’t really decide what the significance of this romantically forward fellow’s bizarre hairstyle and mustache is supposed to be. Is he a sleazy disco-era dude? A libidinous ethnic? Either way, it seems that the sexlessness of Hi and Lois’s marriage has not worked out as much in his favor as he might have hoped.

Pluggers, 8/5/11

Ha ha, don’t worry, pluggers, I don’t think there’s much danger of you suffering from a Ph.D.!