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YOU GUYS I KNOW I AM LATE WITH THE COMMENT OF THE WEEK, but hopefully you will still enjoy it!

“Of course Cayla was going to end up with some disease. I just never guessed it would be Stockholm Syndrome.” –chistery

And hopefully you will also enjoy these runners up!

You look like a cold drink on a hot day! By which I mean still enticing, no matter how weak and flavorless!” –BigTed

Kenny’s mom is drinking? And probably emotionally vulnerable? She’s single, right? How’s the caboose?” –Doctor Handsome

My childhood was a happy time. Then everything changed after Brown v Board of Education.” –Ranger

‘Why? What have you heard?’ ‘Well, Kenny, actually most of what I’ve been hearing for the last week is a nice, soothing, steady E-flat, ever since I had this tuning fork grafted onto my left hand. You should try it too, since your golf game is going to be pretty much garbage from now on out anyway, what with your Mom being a lush and all.'” –seismic-2

“Yes yes yes. You loved him. He loved you. It was simple innocent time. When do we get to the part about him dying tragically.” –Liam

“This week’s Hand-thing of the Week contest has been opened to the readership. Vote for your favorite: Organ Pipe Cactus (Gil, left); A Failed Salute to Aquaman (Gil, right); Trouble at the Sawmill (Kenny, left); The Unlucky Monkey Paw (Kenny, right). The winning hand-thing will be unveiled this Friday, in your nightmares.” –Walker of Dog

“Only the gazebo heard Les whine, and it sat there, quietly judging, and waiting.” –Voshkod

“My guess is the flying droplets are quite literal. Clearly Betty spits at Veronica through her incisors in disgust because of Veronica flaunting her new school accessories while Betty is forced to wear a truckstop waitress costume. Veronica should be happy that Betty didn’t punch her straight in the nose … flap?” –sporknpork

“After Gina’s Dad got whacked, Gina and her mother would often visit the Lincoln Memorial to reenact this, their final gathering as a family.” –Ned Ryerson

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