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Mary Worth, 8/19/11

Gruesome mob-related killing, everyone! That … that’s why Gina can’t truly love? Because of the mob? Not because of some kind of freak skateboard accident or anything. Mobsters! This is … I gotta say, it’s pretty disappointing. I admit that for most of my life if you had said to me “gruesome mob killing in Mary Worth!” I’d have been intrigued, but the strip already did a drive-by killing last year, and frankly it needs to up its weirdness quotient if it intends to keep my attention. Are you sure there wasn’t any synchronized skateboarding involved in this gruesome mob killing, Gina?

Archie, 8/19/11

I’ve always kind of enjoyed the comics convention whereby flying droplets of sweat represent a character’s surprise/bafflement/disbelief (at least in non-Cathy contexts). The fact that Betty is completely out of our field of vision, leaving only her three sweatballs to fly into the frame in the final panel to indicate her bemusement, charms me all the more.