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Ugh, you guys, sorry your COTW this week is so late and truncated, but nevertheless I think you’ll find this funny:

“I’m looking forward to the wedding night when Luann’s new in-laws will crowd around the marital bed to instruct her on how to fake an orgasm. ‘Say yes! Yes! Yes!’” –Handsome Paddy

And your runners-up! Very funny!

“From the eerie way the straw is standing straight up in the glass in panel 5, you can tell that Mary’s touch has turned her drink into a solid block of ice.” –Neutrino Snort

Those two are going to make beautiful Aryan babies. I assume any non-Aryan babies will be left on a hill.” –Cousin Walter

Pluggers is an obituary on the comics page, amirite?” –sporknpork

“Clearly Gina uses a Toughbook — so tough that it’s made out of industrial concrete.” –Bobchillingworth

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