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Hopefully you are safe inside from the rain, or maybe in one of the many, many places on this earth where it is not raining as hard as it is here! Anyway, rain or shine, this COTW should amuse you:

“More so than ever, staying healthy is most important. That’s why we start each season out by burning all the mildewed, old furniture in town in a giant heap, then huddle around the fumes. Mmm, smell that? Smells like lungs getting tougher.” –Chareth Cutestory

And the runners up! They’re raining buckets of laughter!

“Alternatively, the panel could be improved by adding the words ‘Also, Pluggers don’t realize curtains can be closed.'” –Poor Thompson

I think it’s time for us to leave, Martha. The army’s secret experimental Wasp Soldier initiative has been activated.” –Aaron

Re: Pluggers: “The only thing worse than a lazy joke that doesn’t make any sense is a SMUG lazy joke that doesn’t make any sense.” –Mollie

“Weirdly probably could’ve hypnotized any two random guys off the street into being ‘square-dancing do-si-do dudes,’ but by seeking out rodeo cowboys, he saves money on costuming. Surprisingly budget-conscious for an insane fucking lunatic with nonsensical motivations.” –Doctor Handsome

“Goodness! What did they offer him to cause such a response? A lifetime of chicken wings?” –Maggie the Cat

“Nothing says tough negotiator like smothering your adversary with a chloroform soaked rag.” –Michael Yuri

Mark Trail: “OK, ‘THIS IS NOT GOOD!’ why exactly? Andy is going to run back to Mark and tell him — what? ‘Arf arf old lady arf arf I didn’t see any geese arf arf or gold bands.'” –wossname

“I think that she literally shanked it, in the sense of actually hitting the paper with a golf club, in an attempt by Batuik to get in on the Gil-Thorp-inspired golfing-themed-story-arc craze that is sweeping the … Is that a pineapple on the computer? What the hell?” –Nekrotzar

“Oh, that carefree couple, Sam ‘n Abbey … joyfully stomping on the hopes and dreams of America’s working class. ‘I’ll pay you $50 for that RV. Plus, I get to take a dump in your mouth! Do we have a deal?'” –jvwalt

Hush, woman. And it’s Sovereign Citizen Wilson.” –Johnnycakes

“I was so distracted by that poorly rendered Guernica hanging on the wall that I didn’t even notice that Spider-man has the massive arm of a demon jutting out of his chest.” –sporknpork

“The endgame here is the bank will buy the Road Queen to provide a mobile branch for shut-ins or somesuch and the Driver-Spencers will be laughing all the way to the suitcase-of-cash repository.” –Dood

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