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Six Chix, 9/24/11

Complaining about the weird names that coffee chains give their various sizes on the Internet is pretty much the early 21st century equivalent of complaining about airline food on Evening At The Improv in the ’80s, but, really folks, what’s the deal with the weird names coffee chains give their sizes, am I right? They say “tall” when they mean “small,” ha ha! Anyway, at first it seems like this comic might be going in that direction, but it seems that the sizes at this particular coffee shop not only lack whimsical names but indeed lack any kind of proper noun referent whatsoever, indicating the dearth of imagination one might expect from a place called “Coffee World.” Based on the denouement, I guess the customer is less interested in actually sizing the coffee and more just trying to get the pretty boy to say words with his pretty mouth.

Pluggers, 9/24/11

Pluggers has spent this whole week regaling us with Pluggerisms from the Great Falls area, and it’s been a real eye opener for us coastal elitists. For instance, before today I assumed that a small town nestled in the Rockies would have beautiful clear air, but this panel reveals that the whole region is blanketed by a layer of noxious, carcinogenic fumes. Never go there!