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Hey all, some very quick CsOTW for you — there will be some bird band photos coming later this weekend, I promise! But first, your week’s top comment:

“What I want to know is how Mary Worth is going to top itself at being both completely ludicrous and thuddingly boring?” –commodorejohn

And the runners up! Very funny!

“ANSWER: Slylock obviously arrests both of them for being amphibians in a duck neighborhood. Can’t let the greenies ‘frighten the ducklings’, you know.” –Chyron HR

“Why is our crimefighting friend breaking up a schoolyard fight when in the background Larry Loon is murdering and devouring Freddy Fish? Have you no sense of proportion, Sir!!!” –Dennis Jimenez

“OK, so the unromantic types around here want Bobby to lower the boom on poor Gina, but remember, as of yesterday, he’s not letting her go! I assume that means he loves her and not that he’s planning to hold her in the hotel for the mob.” –Comcis Fan

“Don’t expect Miss Buxley to relate, Gimmick-character-from-the-early-90’s. Big tits are never obsolete.” –Doctor Handsome

“Isn’t Ann worthy of our compassion rather than our scorn? She’s so in thrall to her crippling sexual addiction that she’s reduced to sexually harassing a DeGroot. Underneath that gruff facade and pitch-black hair-helmet is a damaged child so lost that she doesn’t understand it’s hilariously apt that she works at ‘Weenie World.'” –Dr. Moreau

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