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Mark Trail, 10/22/11

WELL I GUESS WE ALL FEEL KIND OF SILLY NOW, don’t we? Yes, Mountie and Mother McQueen aren’t just living in paranoid fear that someone will stumble upon their bible banding operation; they’re living in paranoid fear that someone will stumble upon their Eden-like valley, where they’ve convinced all the animals to live in harmony with one another (if by “all the animals” we mean ducks, moose, and beaver), using some combination of divine favor, perverted science, and devil magic. Obviously the bible bands are some key part of the mysterious process by which this miraculous scene was created, with the possibility that the geese would bring visitors to see the Canadian Neo-Eden being only a harmful side effect, not the actual purpose of the banding. Anyway, with this shockingly insane revelation, this storyline has just gone from “enh” to “wow,” and will shoot all the way up to “holy moly” if Mark ends up punching someone in the face.

The bright green water in this scene indicates that algae may also be among the organisms forced into pan-biological harmony by the McQueens’ eerie witchery.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 10/22/11

I’m glad to see that Hootin’ Holler’s grinding poverty will now be the source of this strip’s humor, rather than just its unsettling background. Today, we learn that the Smifs are too poor to afford cheese, ha ha!