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Many of you may be aware of [Citation Needed], a Tumblr blog showcasing Wikipedia’s worst writing, of which I am one of the two curators (i.e., one of the two guys who finds and posts hilariously bad Wikipedia writing and/or sorts through reader submissions of same). Probably you have been long thinking “I love this Tumblr but I wish it were available in book form, so that I could have it in my bathroom and/or give it to my friends who hate the Internet, and also it should include jokes written by Josh and RiffTrax writer-genius/National High Five Day impresario Conor Lastowka.” Well, my friend, today is your lucky day, and by “today” I mean “today and all subsequent days,” because this book now exists and can be purchased, now and into the indefinite future.

Yes, my friends, this book is now available for purchase at Amazon, in physical or Kindle form! We’ve already rocketed up to 16,506 on the Amazon best-seller list; help us break into quadruple digits! You can also download the first 50 pages of the book in PDF form, if you’re the “try before you buy” type.

Faithful longtime readers, I urge you to help a brother out vis-a-vis this book! Obviously it would be great if you bought it for every single person on your gift list this Chriskwaanzukkah; but, even better, if you have a blog or Twitter or radio show or something that would reach nerds who would enjoy this book, please let those nerds know about it! We are happy to talk with you/write about our love for Wiki-whimsy, at length. Also, if you know of (or, better, own or work at!) a cute little store in your hometown that sells jokey books like this, let me know about it so we can try to pitch them on adding [Citation Needed] to their holiday lineup. (Urban Outfitters, too. Do you know who it is who does the buying for gifty books at Urban Outfitters? That’d be brilliant.)

All [Citation Needed]-related correspondence can be sent to Thank you for your time and attention! We now return you to your regularly scheduled comics mocking. Ha ha, Mary Worth, amiright?