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Mary Worth, 10/24/11

Oh look, it appears that, after successfully reuniting, a certain lovestruck couple forgot to pay homage to the woman who made it all possible, in the sense that she suggested to Gina that maybe she ought to seek out the man she loved rather than moping about him constantly. Mary will surely be flabbergasted when she arrives at the diner, only to have the new waitress say, “What, Gina, the one with the hideous ponytail? She quit weeks ago, said something about how she didn’t need this crappy minimum wage job now that she was going to be sexing up her new hot rich athlete boyfriend full-time.”

Of course, you don’t get rid of Mary Worth that easily. One assumes that Mary will be stalking the happy couple (and, by extension, the New York Blazes) across the country, demanding acknowledgement that all their aforementioned happiness derives from her meddling; eventually, the mobsters from whom Gina was fleeing in the first place will be called in, because the only way that true gratitude can be shown is in blood.

Apartment 3-G, 10/24/11

And hey, let’s check in with Tommie! What with all the Lu Ann wedding and Margo art-wrangling excitement, we’ve been ignoring her quest to finally realize her dream as a singing sensation. Hmm, what’s that? She’s failing in that dream, disappointing her mentors and everyone else? Sure, that seems about right.