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Slylock Fox, 10/26/11

That’s right, kids! Many of your favorite films were actually derived from so-called “books”! In these mysterious objects, speech is transformed into a series of pictogram-like scribblings, based on a method designed by the ancient Phoenicians. Doesn’t it sound mysterious and exciting? Doesn’t it make you want to achieve at least basic literacy, enough to be able to read your daily newspaper and the comics therein? Just think, you’ll know the endings to all of Hollywood’s major motion pictures (like Ape Noogie, coming this fall from New Line Cinema) before any of your friends — if you read the books first!

Mary Worth, 10/26/11

Maybe you find yourself unable to enjoy Mary Worth either sincerely or ironically. But can’t you at least enjoy Mary’s propensity to haunt pie joints? As usual, the subtly weird perspective in this strip makes it hard to tell how far anything is from anything else or how big it is, but I’m guessing that pie in the background in panel two is at least two feet in diameter.