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Hey everybody! I suddenly woke up and realized that it was 2011 and I need to have my SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY in order! Apparently this whole “social networking” business is not just a passing fad, and probably many of you ENJOY reading funny things from your favorite funny people on these sites, so who am I to deny you my wit, in social media form?

What will you get if you follow me on your favorite social networking site?

  • Jokes that I think up!
  • Links to things I think are funny!
  • Occasional links to things I think are not funny, but important, including some political stuff, so be on guard if political opinions other than your own cause you rage!
  • A daily link to the Comics Curmudgeon when I update it!
  • Links to other things I write, when I write them!

If that sounds like a lot, it really isn’t. No more than, say, five things a day, usually, and often only one or two. And I’m basically going to be posting the same stuff to all my social media accounts (baring space restraints), so you really only ought to follow me on one of the following, whichever happens to be your favorite:

And one final note: That Facebook link is to my newly created Facebook fan page. While I’ve never publicized my actual personal Facebook page, a lot of readers have found it in the past and friended me; but I’m going to be pruning my personal Facebook page back to people I actually know (and I count working with someone online as “knowing”) soon, so if you only know me through my writing, please like my fan page.

Thanks! And now I promise to not blather on about social media anymore, because really it’s kind of dumb. We now return you to discussion of more important things, like Mary Worth’s carefully maintained list of important phone numbers for her financial institutions.